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Our app

At a glance

The Medipee app forms the core of the entire platform system consisting of mobile application, backend and measuring instruments, which can be integrated as required.

It can basically be used as a singular application (autonomous) or in combination with Medipee measuring devices.

The app can be used to record and process a wide variety of information:

  • Misction diary
  • Drinking quantities
  • Type of drink
  • Urine color
  • Urine values
  • Urine temperature

How the Medipee app works

– Simple. Digital.

The app dashboard is the central screen of the app on which the most important information is displayed. If an additional meter is in use, the current status and the last measurement are displayed on this screen. In the pure miction diary function, the current amount of drinking per day, toilet walks and other notes are visualized there.

During the history assessments, measured values can be evaluated in different formats and exported if necessary. These reports can be sent, for example, to treating physicians or other medical institutions.

The structure of the app is structured by so-called "information tiles", each of which has a relevant information package such as: include the number of toilet slacks.

Urine parameters such as the color, quantity or frequency of the toilet aisles can be documented immediately when using a measuring device or the app.

Data protection - The service providers we use are either based in the EU or in a country where the EU has established a sufficient level of data protection. Medical data and user profiles can be deleted directly from the app if desired.

The app assists with the calibration of the meter and displays the current state of the device and cartridge. For example, the charging status of the device or the remaining shelf life of the cartridges.
Advantages at a glance

Misction diary

App-based diary to monitor drinking and eating behavior, uric frequency and quantity.


App is based on direct data evaluation and embedding in history history.
Storage and export possible.


Hands-Free, i.e. without personal contact with cups and urine.


Can be used on western-style toilets. For your own home, rented flats and when travelling.


Cartridge technology (similar to printers & ink) can be used to monitor a wide range of values. This means that the system can later be used very easily for operations other than originally planned.

Personalised medicine

A wide range of medications can be detected and monitored via The Medipee urine monitoring. For example, the dose can be optimized or the efficiency can be analyzed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How did you come up with the idea for Medipee or the automated urinalysis system?

The idea was born out of a case of illness in the family of a founder. Surgery could have been completely avoided by regular urine testing. This led to initial reflections and research on how regular monitoring of health parameters and, above all, a sensible prevention method can be implemented. This is how the project idea Medipee for regular urine examination was born by a simple Plug n’ Play system directly at the toilet.

How does the system work?

The Medipee app was developed for monitoring nutrition and fluid balance, for entering various urine parameters and for monitoring micturition. The basic system is an app, which can be coupled with a measuring device for more detailed evaluations if required.

Medical indications for which the Medipee app (partly in combination with the measuring device) can currently be used are:

Indication: Indicator:

Dehydration Spec. Density/ pH value
Urinary/kidney stones Spec.

Density/ pH value

The device is attached to the top of the home toilet similar to a scented stone. But in contrast, the main part of the device is located outside the toilet. As soon as the device detects urine flow, the automatic measurement takes place in a few seconds. In addition, with almost all forms of incontinence, keeping a micturition diary is recommended. Another possible area of application is the monitoring of the amount of drinking in case of heart failure or (chronic) kidney disease. Here, patients should always keep an eye on the amount of drinking agreed with their doctor and drink neither too little nor too much. The system can also help with problems with bladder emptying through its monitoring function.

What problem should Medipee solve?

Medipee is a startup in the field of medical technology that revolutionizes health care and brings it directly into your own home. Lots of important medical information such as Urine quantity, amount of drinking, frequency of urination, glucose, blood in the urine or nitrite (a degradation product of bacteria) can be read from the human urine. The device developed by Medipee makes this information available automatically, hygienically and simply.

What is the new, the "revolutionary" thing about Medipee?

The revolutionary thing is the simplicity and automation of the Medipee app. In contrast to conventional urine test strips from the pharmacy or urinalysis in the laboratory, the app-based measuring system from Medipee offers a possibility of fast, hygienic and digital urinalysis without manual intermediate steps.

Especially the unpleasant taking of the sample is a big obstacle for many people, which prevents them from a regular urinalysis. With the system, users can easily and barrier-free observe their own urine values.

Who are your customers or the application areas?

From the user’s point of view, there is no restriction on the use of the Medipee app.

With regard to diseases, the monitoring of diagnosed or vulnerable people is certainly interesting, but it can also be used to check whether patients are correctly adjusted. In addition, the Medipee app can greatly simplify control in rural areas with poor medical care. The Medipee platform technology is intended to improve and facilitate personal health care.

Can the Medipee system be used anywhere?

The first type of device will be designed for the world’s most widely used toilet, the classic deep-rinse (or “Western Style Toilet”). This can be found in most houses, medical and public institutions, companies, etc. We estimate the potential area of application at 2.5 billion toilets worldwide.

And will you be able to find your product later in doctor's offices or clinics?

A B2B (business customer) variant of the device, which can be used in medical practices, nursing homes and hospitals, is also planned. Here, everyday practice can be considerably simplified and automated. This avoids typical errors that can occur during manual urinalysis. Typical examples are reading errors,incorrect reaction times, incorrect patient assignment or the use of mid-beam urine.

Is the Medipee system patent-protected?

Two international patents have already been granted, and further patents are in the filing or examination phase.

Is the Medipee system an approved medical device?

Medipee is a product of risk class I according to MDD.

The company has been certified in Q1/2020 according to the international standard EN ISO 13485. This is the standard for quality management systems in the medical device sector