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Try our latest app: Mikta – The smart drinking and toilet diary. Now available for iOS and Android! +++
Try our latest app: Mikta – The smart drinking and toilet diary. Now available for iOS and Android! +++

<b>Human urine contains a vast amount of health-related information that has hardly been used so far.</b> Urine is a reflection of what humans have consumed and, above all, how they have been metabolized or processed by the body. Many people pay great attention to what they eat. It's time to control what really comes out of it in the end.

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With the technology developed by Medipee, this information is now available quickly and easily.

The core of the Medipee platform consists of an app that can be coupled with a digital measuring device. The measuring device is mounted on the outside of a conventional toilet, similar to a fragrance stone – only outside the toilet. An extendable wire arm moves with the test strip into the toilet bowl for analysis of the urine. As soon as the device detects urine flow, the automatic measurement takes place in a few seconds.

The information is sent directly via BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) to the smartphone, tablet or computer. An algorithm in the app evaluates the data in a structured way.
Medipee is a product for use in the home as well as in community facilities (such as nursing homes and clinics). Depending on the field of application, different requirements are placed on the device. It can be used for prophylaxis but also for monitoring the success of therapies.

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Why urinalysis?

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Over 2 billion urine tests per year are often faulty, time-consuming and, above all, unpleasant to sample. For the previous measurement, test persons usually have to urinate into a cup in a cumbersome way. The sample is then further processed in many manual intermediate steps. Medipee solves this problem by analyzing the urine directly where it is delivered.

Scalable platform technology

Medipee is a product for both private and professional customers. It can be used for prophylaxis but also for therapy control. The use of a basic device coupled with cartridges, which can be used individually according to the customer's requirements, offers a very large application potential.

Innovation leadership

So far, no comparable product is known that can analyze urine directly on the toilet as a Plug n' Play system. The previous method of filling urine cups is completely omitted. In contrast to so-called intelligent toilets, no structural measures are necessary.

Personalised medicine

The quality of the data obtained increases through an immediate, fresh measurement coupled with the securing of the medium beam sample. In addition, the AI-based evaluation provides additional information on the sample.


The complete automation eliminates annoying and unhygienic intermediate steps such as preparation, instruction, sampling, container handling, evaluation and disposal. The reduced possibility of contact between the test person and, if necessary, medical personnel and the urine improves hygiene.

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Silicon Moers: Medipee digitizes the quiet place<br>
The Moerser Start-Up develops a self-diagnostic device for urine tests.

RP Online

Medipee will enable medically relevant data to be obtained from urine and processed electronically without having to hold a test strip in the urine by hand or use a laboratory.

Rheinische Post

The founders of medipee believe in an automated form of prevention and have therefore developed a device that analyses the health parameters in the urine directly on the toilet.

Medipee has set itself the goal of making the health-relevant information available in human urine usable.


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