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Smart urine monitoring

At a glance

We have developed Uroli for monitoring nutrition and fluid balance, monitoring various urine parameters and monitoring micturition. The basic system is an app that can be coupled with a measuring device for more detailed evaluations.

The Medipee app forms the core of the entire platform system consisting of mobile application, backend and measuring instruments, which can be integrated as required.

It can basically be used as a singular application (autonomous) or in combination with Medipee measuring devices.

A wide variety of information can be recorded and processed via the app.

How the Uroli app works

Fast. Simple. Digital.

The app dashboard is the central screen of the app on which the most important information is displayed. If an additional meter is in use, the current status and the last measurement are displayed on this screen. In the pure miction diary function, the current amount of drinking per day, toilet walks and other notes are visualized there.

During the history assessments, measured values can be evaluated in different formats and exported if necessary. These reports can be sent, for example, to treating physicians or other medical institutions.

The structure of the app is structured by so-called "information tiles", each of which has a relevant information package such as: include the number of toilet slacks.

Urine parameters such as the color, quantity or frequency of the toilet aisles can be documented immediately when using a measuring device or the app.

Data protection - The service providers we use are either based in the EU or in a country where the EU has established a sufficient level of data protection. Medical data and user profiles can be deleted directly from the app if desired.

The app assists with the calibration of the meter and displays the current state of the device and cartridge. For example, the charging status of the device or the remaining shelf life of the cartridges.