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Moers. The future of medical early detection is contactless and fully automated – as the Moers-based start-up Medipee proves with its revolutionary technology for urinalysis. With its innovative approach to detecting and monitoring urinary and kidney stones as well as urinary tract infections, for example, the company has now received outstanding recognition: The renowned news magazine FOCUS has named Medipee Innovation Champion 2024.

This prestigious seal is only awarded to companies that are exceptionally advanced in the evaluated dimensions – innovation, research and development. In cooperation with the research partner FactField GmbH, Medipee was audited according to strict criteria and recognized for its groundbreaking work in the field of medical technology.

Medipee is thus an example of companies that not only generate attention with their innovative strength, but also convince existing and potential customers. The FOCUS seal underlines the future viability and pioneering spirit of Medipee, which decisively simplifies and improves medical prevention and diagnostics with its technology.

Medipee’s contactless and automatic urinalysis allows for fast and accurate analysis of health parameters without the patient having to leave the comfort of their home. Through easy integration into the home toilet, Medipee provides discreet and continuous health monitoring – a true milestone for patients and healthcare systems worldwide.

“We are honored by this recognition from FOCUS,” says Frank Willems, founder and CEO of Medipee. “It confirms that our vision of making urinalysis more efficient, patient-friendly and accessible is not just an idea, but is already becoming a reality. This award is an incentive to continue on our path of innovation.”

Medipee is now using the award to strengthen its position in the market and differentiate itself from competitors. The awarding of the FOCUS Innovation Champion 2024 seal marks an important milestone in the company’s still young history and opens doors for further research initiatives and collaborations.