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Smartphone app to create health awareness

“Always busy, always on the go, always available” – the everyday motto of life at this time. But this lifestyle often leads to us drinking far too little throughout the day and gradually dehydrating. Headaches, difficulty concentrating and dizziness are often the result. However, unlike our thirst, we rarely ignore a notification on our smartphone.

Our newly developed app “Mikta” tackles this point and offers a digital and smart drinking and micturition diary. The app is able to collect and process various urologically relevant data regarding drinking and urinating behavior.

Interesting for certain indications as well as health-conscious lifestyle

The recording of daily drinking quantities and urination patterns is relevant and interesting for urological patients with certain indications (e.g. urolithiasis or cystitis) as well as for people who want to live health-consciously.

The recording of the daily drinking amount is particularly important in the context of frequent bladder and urinary tract infections as well as to avoid urinary stones. Drinking high amounts makes it possible to flush out invading bacteria before they can cause an infection. In addition, diluted urine reduces the risk of developing urinary stones and flushes out smaller urine crystals before they can aggregate into stones. In addition, the survey of the daily micturition pattern is interesting for the treatment of incontinence problems or excessive urination.

A daily drinking and micturition diary can also help people who strive for the best possible healthy and fit body as part of a lot of exercise or diets, pregnant women and people with pre-existing conditions.

Smart diary with large knowledge range

Currently, the functions of the Mikta app include a medically sound micturition diary as well as a comprehensive drinking log. Both micturitions (i.e. visits to the toilet) and drinks consumed are easily added by the user at the touch of a button. A note function also offers the possibility to document special events. All this collected and stored data can be exported to the attending physician by means of an export function as part of a doctor’s visit in order to support him in his diagnosis or therapy planning.

Furthermore, a smart drinking reminder makes the user remember to drink fluids regularly. This serves to protect against dehydration and its consequences, as well as to reduce the risk of developing urinary stones or urinary tract infections.

In addition to the diary function, the Mikta app includes a large knowledge database that explains topics related to micturition, the bladder and urine in an accessible way. The learning and further education area is supplemented by a quiz function, which allows the knowledge gained to be tested and memorized.

More features planned for the future

Mikta is to continuously develop and become “smarter”. More features are planned for future versions of the app.

Technologically, smartwatch integration, Apple and Google Health compatibility as well as desktop or browser functionality are sought. In the future, it will also be possible to store the data in a cloud – if desired.

Functionally, the drinking reminder should be supplemented by other reminders, for example of medication to be taken or doctor’s appointments. The instantaneous recording of the time of urination and the associated urination frequency is to be extended by means of intelligent technologies by means of a urine volume estimation.

In addition, a future function will allow the documentation of manual analyses or the recording of a urinalysis using a Medipee device . Other planned features include the recording of activity and well-being as well as the recognition of cycle-relevant inputs in women.

Use on Android or Apple devices

The Mikta app is Apple and Android compatible and can be subscribed to on a monthly basis for a fee. The subscription model allows users to freely choose how long they want to use Mikta.

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