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Medipee has made it into the press again. In the current issue of the journal “PharmaRelations”, Medipee founder and CEO Frank Willems talks about our device for automatic and contactless urinalysis, our new Mikta app and the upcoming financing round.

“PharmaRelations” deals with issues related to the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and other players in the healthcare sector. The journal provides up-to-date news, analysis and opinions on topics such as marketing strategies, regulatory developments, collaboration between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare institutions, and current developments in the industry.

“Simple and user-friendly – that was the goal of the start-up Medipee with its solution for digital urinalysis from the very beginning. What is impressive about it is that the conceivable applications are extremely diverse. Currently, especially in the preventive area, but also in terms of therapy adherence, the Medipee solution could open up new paths. The start-up from Moers is currently looking for partners and investors to be able to go into series production.”

You can read the whole article here .