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Medipee on TV? This became a reality for us a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we were not seen in a mega-blockbuster, but in several formats of NTV, as well as in the TV show “Punkt 12” on RTL.

Recently, the camera team around reporter Alexandra Dietel from RTL/NTV visited us in our new Medipee Lab in the city center of Moers. The shoot was about our device for non-contact and digital urinalysis as well as our associated solution for supporting patients with urinary and kidney stones – Uroli for short. Other use cases, such as Medipee for athletes or for women with urinary tract infections or pregnant women, were also discussed.

After the day of shooting here in Moers, our device and our idea were also well received by experts, including innovation expert Jörg Heynkes, whom the reporters asked a few days later about the health of the future. He is enthusiastic about the large database generated by Medipee and considers Medipee to be an absolute product of the future.

We are pleased that Medipee was shown on television for the first time – although not in Hollywood – and would like to thank the entire RTL/NTV team for the successful day of shooting. The ntv report is available here in the media library to look up and from time to time in the program of NTV.