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Last week, together with the company Kaasen Medizintechnik, we attended the advanced training congress (FOKO) of the Professional Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (BVF) in Düsseldorf. At the congress, which lasted several days, relevant topics from the field of women’s health were on the agenda. In addition to a supporting program, there was an industrial fair in the lobby of the conference rooms, where we presented our device for automatic and contactless urinalysis.

In discussions with experts and industry experts, we discussed the future of urinalysis and possible areas of application. In combination with various magazines (with different indicators), our device can recognize and process all conventional parameters in the urine – including values relevant to women’s health such as proteins, leukocytes or nitrite.

In discussions with various gynaecologists, high-risk pregnancies in various forms were mentioned several times. Our platform technology could help with gestosis such as diabetes, hyperemesis gravidarum or preeclampsia through intelligent measurement in conjunction with the Medipee app.

With many exciting thoughts and ideas in our luggage, we went back to work in the Medipee Lab. Because what’s important is what comes out in the end.