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All information on ovulation

At a glance

An ovulation test (also called an LH test or ovulation test) can be used to determine the time of ovulation. In this way, the optimal time for fertilization of the egg can be estimated, so that the knowledge of ovulation can be used to fulfill a desire to have children.

The application is simple. All you have to do is hold a test strip in the urine and read the result from the test strip.

Further information

The basis of the ovulation test is the determination of the LH concentration in the urine. LH stands for luteinizing hormone and is formed in the pituitary gland. The conception of LH varies over the course of a woman’s cycle and reaches its maximum, also known as the LH peak, immediately before ovulation. The LH peak thus triggers the exit of the mature ice from the ovary, ovulation.

The ovulation test responds to an increase in LH in the urine, indicating imminent ovulation. Approximately 24–36 hours before ovulation, the LH concentration in the urine increases rapidly from 5–20 mIU/ml to 25–40 mIU/ml. The test detects this jump and strikes positively. As a result, ovulation can be predicted relatively well.

However, neither a positive nor a negative test is a guarantee of imminent or imminent ovulation. Diseases and medications, individually different LH levels as well as the sensitivity of the respective test system influence the result. Individual LH concentrations in combination with the different sensitivity of the ovulation test used can be the cause that the test works well for one woman and for the other not.


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