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Basic parameters for urine testing include those components that are measured in a urine sample using a common 2, 5 or 10 test strip. They cover a wide range of possible changes in urine due to various diseases.

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These parameters give singular or in combination of several parameters indications about the health status of the body. With increased glucose in the urine, this may be, for example, a clear indication of a kidney disease or a diabetic problem. With elevated nitrite and leukocyt levels, a urinary tract infection is likely to be and many more. In principle, however, the values should always be embedded in the respective context or a medical specialists should be visited in case of uncertainty.

For example, after intense exercise or during the period, it is quite normal that blood is in the urine and increased glucose in the urine can also be caused by div. medications.

If conspicuous values are confirmed, a doctor will usually carry out more detailed examinations.


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