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The goal of Medipee is to become the central point of contact for digital urine monitoring. The core of the system is the Medipee app, through which a wide variety of analyses and data recordings can be carried out. With the app, which also has a digital misction diary, additional devices can be controlled for monitoring.

In this respect, Medipee has developed a platform technology that seamlessly combines software, hardware and digital data via a smartphone or tablet.

The optional measuring devices are mounted on the outside of the toilet and work in combination with cartridges. These cartridges can contain up to 30 disposable tests (“sheets”).

With regard to the measuring instrument, the sampling, measurement, disposal, evaluation and documentation of the measurement result is carried out fully automatically and without contact. With different cartridges, different analyses can be carried out according to customer requirements.

These analyses should successively cover all conventional urine test values such as blood, ketone, glucose, pH, pregnancy, ovulation up to special markers, such as drugs or tumor diseases. This means that there is a need for use for every situation in life.

Initially, there will be only selected analyses for specific target groups, which will be expanded over time according to target country and demand.

By implementing it via refill cartridges, similar to a printer, it is easily possible to add additional indications at a later time.



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