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Last week, a joint day trip took place with the whole team. Our Medipee team event started with a relaxed breakfast, which set the stage for an eventful day. Right from the start, you could feel the energy and anticipation in the room as the colleagues prepared for the day ahead.

During breakfast, we take the opportunity to introduce ourselves to each other. The different departments take the opportunity to present their responsibilities and challenges. These presentations helped us to develop a better understanding of the responsibilities of other colleagues and to identify possible synergies. It was encouraging to see how we were able to work together as a team and learn from each other.

After replenishing our energy reserves, we set off on an exciting bike ride. Our route took us from Moers via Neukirchen-Vluyn to Kamp-Lintfort and gave us the opportunity to enjoy nature and get into conversation. The fresh air and the joint activity created a positive atmosphere that strengthened the team bond.

When hunger gripped us, we made a stop for a barbecue lunch. In the best weather we enjoyed the food and cool drinks. Afterwards we went on to our real highlight: Geilings Bräu, a quite young but already renowned brewery in Kamp Lintfort, which is known for its craft beers. Once there, we were warmly welcomed by the brewmasters, who were ready to introduce us to the art of brewing.

We learned exciting details about the brewing process, the selection of ingredients and the different types of beer. It was fascinating to see how much manual work and dedication goes into each bottle of beer. The brewmaster patiently answered all our questions and shared his extensive knowledge with us. It was a wonderful opportunity to broaden our horizons and educate ourselves in a completely different field. Of course, there was also one or the other glass to taste…

However, the day was not only marked by sporting activities and knowledge expansion, but also by personal development and unforgettable experiences. Each of us was able to thrive in a relaxed and inspiring environment, learn new skills and build valuable relationships.

The end of the day was a toast to the successful event, over 50km of cycling and to the team that made this unforgettable team event possible. We toasted and raised our glasses to toast teamwork, personal development and a future full of exciting challenges.