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INTERACT, a European Commission programme to promote innovation and cross-border exchange, recently launched a set of 46 postcards. We at Medipee are proud to be a part of this series. Part of the postcard series are various projects that are carried out within the framework of INTERREG. The aim of the campaign is to focus on various social issues. With the help of INTERREG, solutions and solutions are to be developed and promoted.

The 46 projects are divided into four categories: Ageing Society, Health, Employment and Youth. As part of the INTERREG project “DigiPro”, we worked together with various partners under the title “DigiPee” on the development of our device for automatic and contactless urinalysis using an apple-sized device.

Over two billion urine tests per year are often not only faulty, but can also be time-consuming and, above all, unpleasant. As a rule, urine has to be laboriously released into a cup – even if there is no urge to urine. The sample is then further processed in many manual intermediate steps. Medipee solves this problem by analyzing urine where it is released.

– Thomas Prokopp, founder of Medipee

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