Men take more time in the toilet than women.

Around 90% of the medicine taken is excreted through urine; the sewer systems in cities across the world contain high doses of drugs.

Toothbrushes that are kept within 6 feet of a toilet are covered in airborne bacteria from flushing.

An average person spends about 3 months of his lifetime in toilet.

We visit the toilet more than 2,500 times in a year.

An average chopping board in kitchen has 200% more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat.

The word toilet is derived from French and it means “act of washing, dressing, and preparing oneself”.

Urea can kill fungi and bacteria.

The first ever toilet air fresheners were made by using pomegranates stuffed with cloves.

Lack of suitable toilets and sanitation kills nearly 1.8 million people every year, many of them being children.

63% of people read magazine, newspaper, books while in the bathroom.

75% of people have used mobile phones in the bathroom.

The world’s largest toilet is in Ishihara, Japan

The world’s most extreme toilet is in Siberia at the edge of a cliff, 8,500 feet or 2,600 m above sea level.