The ancient Egyptians used the urine from a pregnant woman to germinate seeds to determine the sex of the child. If barley sprouted first, then it was to be a boy. If wheat sprouted first, then it was to be a girl.

King George II died falling off in the toilet in 1760.

The first underground sewer in the city of Rome was laid by Etruscans around 500 BC.

The first ever toilet air fresheners were made by using pomegranates stuffed with cloves.

Babylonia was the first ancient civilization to have raised toilets.

The oldest toilet is still functioning about 4000 years after it was built, in Knossos in Greece in a castle.

For the first time, separate toilets were offered to males and females during a high society ball in Paris in 1739.

The first flushing toilet was invented in 1596 by Sir John Harrington, at the request of Queen Elizabeth I.

People in Hawaii used coconut shells, before toilet paper was invented for cleaning purposes.